Monday, December 2, 2013

Maybe today

Spacex Aborted the second launch attempt on Friday due to an issue with Oxygen in the igniter fluid that is used to ignite the Merlin Engines.  They are doing a scrub down of the components and have said that a new attempt will be Monday Evening at the earliest.  I hope they can get the launch off successfully as this is a major cusp for the Space Company.

If all goes well and they are able to overcome these technical issues, this will be a very big win for the corporation.  If they do not manage to successfully launch, then this may be the first tolling of their death bell.  It would only take one catastrophic failure to shut them down completely.

Personally I am hoping that this launch is a success and that they are able to learn from the issues they've had.  We need Spacex and other companies like them in order to truly open space to the public.One encouraging note is that China has successfully launched its own Moon Rover over the weekend, but what worries me is that if there aren't commercial, public companies making successful launches to space, then the Chinese government will take over and control access to space.

What I find interesting is thinking about the series Firefly and how that showed that space was actually opened up by a combination of English and Chinese endeavors and a new language was created which had elements of both languages.  I could easily see this as happening.

UPDATE:  The launch will be Tuesday 5:41 PM ET with Wednesday as a fall back.

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